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Termite Control

Termites are small white bodied insects commonly known as white ants. They look very similar to many ant species however, they are not related inane way.

There are many of species of termites in Australia and some are important recyclers of dead and decaying timber while others feed on grasses. There are however, a few economically dangerous species that cause incredible damage to timber and buildings
These stealthy, subterranean termites travel through soil as they forage and evaluate Adelaide homes and buildings for quality and quantity of potential food resources. And if they like what they find, they don't bother knocking, they just move right in.

The CSIRO estimate that the risk of a termite attack and damage is high in South Australia and one in three houses will be attacked at some stage during their economic life.

Be very aware that most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage.
Norway Rat
Queen Termite

Interesting Termite Facts

Termites show remarkable parallels with those of ants and bees, although it has evolved independently. Phylogenetic studies have shown that the closest relative to the termite is the cockroach; for this reason termites are sometimes placed in the order Dictyoptera, which also contains the mantids. 

The termite society, or colony, is a highly organized and integrated unit. There is a caste system with division of labour based colony members’ structure, function and behavioural. The major castes in the colony are the reproductive, soldier, and worker castes. Soldiers and workers are sterile and may be male or female. The functional reproductives are of two types, referred to as primary and secondary, or supplementary.

Mechanisms controlling differentiation of termites into castes are not understood fully. It is known that all nymphs are genetically identical at hatching and that all could develop into any of the three major castes

Termite Inspection and Treatment

What should I do if I find termites in my home or on my property?

Pest 24 Seven are Adelaide's number 1 in termite inspection and control.
  1. We highly recommend NOT to disturb termites if found, too much disruption can push the termites into more concealed areas and delay, baiting and elimination process and potentially cost you more hard earned money.
    DON'T spray them with ANYTHING such as fly spray or insect spays, this also causes issues with treatment and elimination.     

    Our years of experience shows us that baiting and eliminating the colony is a very effective to control termites, once termites start feeding on our bait they only need to consume small amounts before there is no way for the colony to recover ensuring total elimination.
    We can also set up termite monitoring stations. Termites randomly forage through soil looking for a new food source. Pest 24 Seven termite stations are designed to act as an early warning system and detect the presence of termite activity.  
    Can termites bi-pass the monitor stations?
    Pest 24 Seven termite baiting and monitoring systems have a very high success rate. There is the possibility though that the termites may bi-pass the stations so we use a unique termite attractant, at the time of installation, designed to emit CO2 and mimic decaying timber which tricks the termites to thinking the stations are a food source. This greatly reduces the risk of termites missing the stations.  
    If my house is built on a concrete slab am I safe from termite attack?
    The answer in most cases is no, most concrete slab homes are very susceptible to termite entry in areas such as construction joins, slab edges and plumbing penetration not to mentions construction faults.
    If I have black ants around my property am i safe?  
    NO. Black ants often attack termites this has very little if any effect on the colony, termites are very good at defending themselves.  
    What do termites need to survive and thrive?  
    The main 3 elements termites require are
    1. moisture
    2. warmish temperature
    3. food source
    How long does a termite inspection take?  
    Depending on the construction type and size of the property, a good thorough inspection should take between between 1-4 hours.