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Rodent Control

Australia has a large number of indigenous rodents, all from the family Muridae. These are presumed to have arrived within the last 4 million years from Asia
Rodents can cause a variety of issues including contamination of food, damage to electrical wires and perhaps most concerning, they can destroy your peace of mind and sense of security when you detect them in your home. Recognition of a rodent problem is not necessarily a reflection of one’s cleanliness. It is a by-product of living in the Australia and requires expertise and care to manage.
Rats and mice pose a health risk because they carry and contribute to asthma and allergies and a wide range of diseases.

Rodent Identification

Norway Rat
Rat Control

Norway rat 

Usually between 20-40cm in length, brown to grey in colour, blunt nose with small ears, tail is longer than its body, droppings are around 18mm in length with rounded ends. Can squeeze into holes the size of a 50c piece.    

Signs of a Norway Rat infestation

Norway rats are primarily active at night. Because of this, homeowners are usually unaware of their presence until signs become more obvious. Norway rats are typically found in dark areas like subfloor areas under homes. Outdoor burrows, or nests in or near the ground, around chicken coops etc, droppings are indicators of a Norway rat infestation.
Roof Rat
Roof Rat Control

Roof Rat 

Usually 16-25cm in length They are usually dark brown or black in colour, droppings are approximately 12mm in length with pointed end.    

Signs of a Roof Rat infestation

Like many rodent species, roof rats are nocturnal so they are most active at night. They nest in higher areas, such roof voids and trees. Roof rats can often live without their feet even touching the ground, they can often be heard scratching and gnawing in roof voids on dusk or at night.
House Mouse
House Mouse Control

House mouse 

Usually 7-10cm in length, range from brown to grey in colour, have a small head with large eyes, droppings are approximately 4mm in length with pointed ends, can squeeze into holes the size of a 10c piece.    

Signs of a House Mouse infestation 

House mice are skilled travellers. They gain access to roof voids and rooftops by using power lines and foliage outside the house. Once inside, they use interior wall voids to move to different areas. Indicators of an infestation can include droppings and gnawed materials such as plastics and wood, holes in food containers etc. 

Rodent Inspection and Treatment

Pest 27 Seven are Adelaide's number 1 in rat and mouse control, using our years of experience to create tailor made rat and mouse elimination systems designed to cater for your custom needs.

Pest 27 Seven's rapid response team first identify special care requirements if there are children and/or pets on site to ensure we leave you in a safe environment and only the target species are controlled.

You talk and we listen to your concern so we can get an understanding of what species we are dealing with, where they maybe entering the structure and any other important information to allow us to tailor make the treatment program.

Without a complete understanding of how the rodents are entering and/or exiting the structure, it is nearly impossible to effectively control the issue therefore we complete a thorough inspection essential to effective rodent control and identify all points of entry that rodents gain access to your structure through.  Once points of entry are identified, we seal or screen them off to ensure more long term results. This type of repair can range from simple to complex, and should be checked regularly.

Our licensed technicians bring years of experience and knowledge of rodent behaviour, which is important for effective rat and mouse control and exclusion. 

Once entry points have been sealed, run ways and food sources identified a trapping program maybe implemented. 

A variety of anticoagulant rodenticide formulations are utilised only after taking all safety factors into account, the baits are secured in tamper resistant stations.