Termites can be a matter of serious concern for home buyers who should insist of pest inspection over and above the pre-purchase building inspection that has become an essential part of the process of home buying. As a buyer, make sure that the purchase contract that you have with the seller includes the clause of all kinds of inspections that should be carried out to ascertain the physical condition of the property as well as the status of pests that can pose serious living problems once you move in. With all the good intentions of home buying, you should insist for an exit clause in the contract in the event any of the inspection reports turn out to be unsatisfactory.

Why is it required?

Purchasing a home is a very important activity of your life that involves a big sum of money. Therefore, protection of your investment and getting the right property that is free from any kind of legal, commercial and constructional problems are the reasons why you would like to be assured by a third party like the building inspector to apprise you about the unseen and unheard facts about the building with respect to its quality and environmental impact. You want to be sure that the damaging pests do not pose any problems for you.

The scope of pest inspection

Wood-destroying pests like termites that can cause considerable damage to the wooden elements of the structure of a building are usually the reason for conducting a pest inspection. It is not termites alone but wood infesting beetles and rot fungus are the other pests that the inspector looks for. The exterior of the property and the indoor accessible areas including the attic, if the place does not have subfloor crawlspaces and is known to have a history of dry wood termite , are checked visually to ascertain any impact that the pests that could have created from their past activity. The inspector depends on evidences in the form of termite tubes, damaged wood and dead insects. Plumbing leaks and standing water as well as wood coming in contact with the earth are considered favorable conditions for pests to thrive.

The profile of the inspector

The pest inspections can be done by licensed and or qualified building inspectors or a person of similar capacity belonging to a pest control company. The process of selection can begin with obtaining referrals from friends and real estate contacts, searching the trade directories and yellow pages, obtaining quotes, comparing and then finalizing the deal. Make a request for an experienced inspector with the company you engage because it is a visual inspection where experience counts a lot.

Validity of report

The inspection report is generally valid for two years and the company that undertakes the job is accountable to the buyer and the seller alike, regardless of the fact that the buyer might have appointed them. The report constitutes of two parts – one part relates to the conditions that causing damage to the property and the other part relates to possible damage that might be caused in the future if not corrected.

It is worth making use of the services of pest inspectors when buying a property so that you do not have to regret of making a wrong purchase.